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At Kennedy’s we excel at offering the best service to our customers.

Part of that: our custom design is tough to beat. Boasting over 13 custom design awards, we pride ourselves in mastering our talents at custom design. Either you want to start from scratch and design a unique piece of jewelry for yourself, or if you want to take an existing piece and repurpose it, we are your jeweler.

Emagrace Colley’s Custom Piece

Taking a wide gold band with two Amethysts and one Citrine stone, I no longer wore; I brought it to Kennedy’s to do “something” with it. At the time the Gem Show was going on, and there was a beautiful Pink Tourmaline gemstone in the show. October being my birth month, and Opal or Pink Tourmaline being the stones for the month, I made a decision to include the Pink Tourmaline with the stones from my ring and have Trisha Kennedy come up with a pendant for me.

The result is the rose gold pendant seen here, and also then a ring was in the showcase, but with all small diamonds, I asked if small amethysts and a pink tourmaline could be put in the ring, and of course the answer was, “anything is possible, it just takes time.”

I now have a lovely pink tourmaline and amethyst pendant and ring set, I wear all the time.

Linda Evans Custom Piece

While at our gem show, Linda found this gorgeous opal and wanted to have a custom piece made with it. She sent me the picture you see on the left and ask if we could do something like it with the opal. We, of course, said yes and go to working on making a cad cam of the piece, which can be seen in the middle. When the mounting was done and we were about to set the diamonds, I asked Linda if she trusted me. She said of course. That is when I made the decision to add the yellow and orange topaz stones to the final piece to get it that sun burst affect. She was absolutely thrilled when she saw the final piece.

– Trisha Kennedy

“WOW! 100% satisfied customer for over 30 years. They always come through with all our custom needs. Couldn’t ask for a better locally owned and operated jewelry store.

Thank You Jim, Trisha and staff for all you do!”

– Linda E.

Trisha’s Ring

The idea for designing this ring came to me when there were two different styles of ring in the case that I just loved. I wanted to take my favorite parts of each and make that look into one. I started with a sketch drawing of the ring, and then from there a computerized cad-cam image was made. Once that was approved we had the ring made. The finished product was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!